Welcome to OSP.com

OSP.com is a leader in optical network products. Our high-quality products enable enterprises to enhance network connectivity, while driving down network cost. OSP.com leverages the latest optical technology and ensures a premium end-user experience. OSP.com has a broad range of fiber optic products supporting virtually all markets including but not limited to, Communications, Mobile Networks, and Industrial markets. With our product expertise, and our experience deriving solutions for unique customers, we are confident that your network will benefit from all that OSP.com has to offer.

8-port OSP.com CWDM Module
100 Gbps 2km QSFP28 CWDM Transceiver
Fiber Optic SC/LC Single Mode Armored Patch Cord

Our Vision

OSP.com strives to provide quality customer service and fiber optic solutions. We strongly believe in the ability to listen to our customer's requests and making them a reality. OSP.com stays true to its core values, which are respecting employees and respecting customers. We respect your network and its current capabilities, and are willing to work with you in a matter that is most convenient to you. Our solutions and products speak for themselves, and allow customers to be proud to be associated with OSP.com.

Our Mission

OSP.com's mission consists of two different aspects. First off, we want to make sure you are able to get everything you possibly can out of your network. Your network's speed, and reliability is to the upmost importance to us. Secondly, we want to help networks start to make strides towards the emergence of 5G. Configuring current networks to meet 5G standards is no easy task, but with OSP.com on your side, you can be confident that we will do everything in our ability to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Our Value Proposition

Quality products and customer service is our priority! As our mission states, we strive for exceptional customer service by providing top of the line products while driving down costs. Our strategy is simple, we have developed close-knit relationships with our manufacturers which provides us with the advantage of prioritized product delivery and costs. Most importantly, we invest in our manufactures to help our clients cut costs. From the beginning, we have utilized our expertise to develop products for our clients to benefit society and their companies. Applying our expertise with our technology partners allows for the growth and development of people, companies and revenue. Our proposition is simple; to provide top of the line products and exceptional customer service by enhancing network connectivity while driving down costs! OSP.com is also a proud member of the OSA Optical Society. We look forward to growing our knowledge in the Fiber Optic field with their numerous resources.

OSP.com Advantages

OSP.com Advantages

  • Best Quality

    OSP.com provides reliable, high performance products and tests products to ensure the quality.

  • Cost-Effective Pricing

    OSP.com enforces a Price-Match guarantee policy on products the same quality as ours, no matter what the product is.

  • Customer Support

    OSP.com provides 24/7 support either by email or by phone. Whenever you need us, OSP.com will be there.

  • Same-Day to Next-Day Shipping

    3-Hours to 6-Hours Speed Delivery around the Greater Philadelphia Area, and Same-Day Delivery on select markets including Philadelphia, Harrisburg, New York, Baltimore, and Connecticut. Next-Day shipping options available for Midwest to West U.S.

  • Value-Added Manufacturing

    OSP.com will manufacture a modified version of one of our line products to meet your specific need. Let OSP.com help you optimize your current network.

Our Partners

PENNSYLVANIA PARTNERSHIP FOR 5G              IU13              PEPPM