Fiber Networks

By definition,Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) are transmission systems that use multiple wavelengths (colors of light) to transport information over a single fiber. Every wavelength (color) carries an individual signal that does not interfere with the other wavelengths (colors). Hence, one fiber acts like many fibers.

OSP WDM Technology

The vision of is to apply WDM technology in the most simple and cost effective way possible. In today’s world, organizations thrive on communication—a flow of data that runs between office-to-office, site-to-site, country-to-country, and people-to-people. Using a fiber optic cable as a single lane road is inefficient. solutions allow this road to be used as a multi-lane highway capable of transporting up to 200 simultaneous traffic channels together at once. offers a way to "add lanes" through intelligent WDM technology. We guarantee expanding your capacity by lowering your network cost without building a new infrastructure. Call today to find out how can create your desired fiber network using our products!