OSP.com offers both Active and Passive Fiber Optic Equipment for your fiber optic needs. Our Active Equipment includes SFP's, SFP+'s, QSFP's, QSFP+'s, and EDFA Fiber Optic Amplifiers. Our transceivers range from 1G to 100G and are able to have WDM capabilities as well. Our Passive Equipment includes WDM Equipment, Patch Cords, Pigtails, Connectors, MPO Solutions, and Termination equipment. If you would like a full PDF catalog depicting all the various products that we offer, please contact us at 1-800-OSP-0182.

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Active Fiber Optic Equipment

OSP offers a variety of Active Fiber Optic Equipment that can enhance your Fiber Optic Network. Our ...

Passive Fiber Optic Equipment

OSP offers a variety of Passive Fiber Optic Equipment that will allow you to construct your desired ...

Testing Equipment

Fiber Optic Test Equipment is used to certify and troubleshoot fiber optic networks. Power Meters...