OSP Customization

At OSP.com, we understand that certain situations can arise where the products that are currently out on the market don't meet the demands of the current job you are trying to complete. Therefore at OSP.com, we can provide Value-Added Manufacturing where we can configure the product, whether it be a Transceiver, a WDM product, or a Patch Cord/Pigtail, to meet the specific need that your job demands. Does the transceiver you desire need to contain a specific wavelength transmission or a certain reach? Does the patch cord or pigtail you need to establish a specific connection in your network need to contain various connectors and be a specific length? Is there a WDM product, whether it be CWDM, DWDM, or OADM out on the market right now that doesn't fit the need of the current network equipment you possess? Allow OSP.com to take the stress out of the situation and provide you with the exact product you need! Call today to find out more about our Value-Added Manufacturing capabilities.