Telecom Products is your best partner to establish new revenues by creating better and more connected data centers. The Data Center environment is a complex combination of technologies that requires each of its components to work in unison to ultimately ensure the safety and security of the data within.

As we approach the eventual 5G Network Architectures, updated telecom products will be required of future data centers to ensure that the consumer is receiving the full capabilities of a 5G connection. These updated telecom products will demand hyper connectivity capabilities because of increased bandwidth usage and longer reaches, and examples of hyper connected telecom products would be’s high-speed transceivers. At the moment, carries an SFP that can transmit data at 100 Gb/s. Using these SFP’s, we can transmit data at a 2 TB/s rate across a single piece of fiber. also carries all the standard or special length multi-mode and single-mode fiber patch cords and pigtails that your data center and network need in order to function properly. Call today to learn more about how can customize Telecom products to fit your every need!

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